The Mayflower

Welcome to the section about the Mayflower. We do hope you find these pages useful. You’ll find out about the Mayflower Compact (said to be the foundation of the American Constitution), the journey of the Mayflower, the ship, itself and what the Pilgrim Fathers achieved. There’s also an account of what thanksgiving is and how it came about. The Pilgrim Father’s voygage was, after all, a pilgrimage that set an entire nation in motion.

Here’s a photo of a ferry as it awaits passengers at the Mayflower Steps in Plmouth. This would be about the same spot that the Mayflower would have been tied up alongside, prior to its fateful journey. Many a Pilgrim Father and his family took lodging within a stone’s throw from the picture below while they waited for the ship to be loaded, made ready to set sail. Some stayed for weeks in Plymouth Gin Distillery.

..and here a close up view of Pilgrims Point, just behind the ferry, at the top of the steps (underneath the Prawn in the photo on the left).
Meanwhile, the by-now famous “Barbican Prawn” keeps an eye on things, looking in the direction that the Mayflowers embarked on her voyage.

Pilgrims Point has a horse-shoe shaped, tooled metal handrail that shows vignettes of the key stages in the progress of the Pilgrim Fathers, the Mayflower’s voyage and the final landing at Plymouth Rock… next would be the setting up and estabalishemnet of Plymouth Colony. The first quarter of the handrail is shown here.

If you find the secret Elizabethan garden, just off Southside Street, you’ll be rewarded with this stone carving of the Mayflower ship.