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See the modern day tour of the area around the Mayflower Steps. It starts at North Quay, takes in Sutton Harbour, the Barbican and the Hoe.


The Mayflower, The Journey, compact and thanksgiving

Welcome to the section about the Mayflower. We do hope you find these pages useful. You'll find out about the Mayflower Compact (said to be the foundation of the American Constitution), the journey of the Mayflower, the ship, itself and what the Pilgrim Fathers achieved. There's also an account of what thanksgiving is and how it came about. The Pilgrim Father's voygage was, after all, a pilgrimage that set an entire nation in motion.

Here's a photo of a ferry as it awaits passengers at the Mayflower Steps in Plmouth. This would be about the same spot that the Mayflower would have been tied up alongside, prior to its fateful journey. Many a Pilgrim Father and his family took lodging within a stone's throw from the picture below while they waited for the ship to be loaded, made ready to set sail. Some stayed for weeks in Plymouth Gin Distillery.

A ferry awaits passengers at the Mayflower Steps

The Mayflower Steps after being renovated in January 2001..and here a close up view of Pilgrims Point, just behind the ferry, at the top of the steps (underneath the Prawn in the photo on the left).
Meanwhile, the by-now famous "Barbican Prawn" keeps an eye on things, looking in the direction that the Mayflowers embarked on her voyage.

Pilgrims Point part handrail detailPilgrims Point has a horse-shoe shaped, tooled metal handrail that shows vignettes of the key stages in the progress of the Pilgrim Fathers, the Mayflower's voyage and the final landing at Plymouth Rock... next would be the setting up and estabalishemnet of Plymouth Colony. The first quarter of the handrail is shown here (clicking gives a larger view).

stone carving of the Mayflower shipIf you find the secret Elizabethan garden, just off Southside Street, you'll be rewarded with this stone carving of the Mayflower ship.

If you want, read the definitive book by Rev. Dr Harold Kirk-Smith, you can get it here: William Brewster - the Father of New England: The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers or this true narrative that recounts the lives and adventures of the people who made the voyage: The Voyage That Changed the World: The "Mayflower" and the United States of America

Or if you're more interested in the religous history behind the Pilgrim Fathers, the following book from Amazon will prove useful The Mayflower Pilgrims: Roots of Puritan, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Baptist Heritage


Lithographic Prints from
Mike Haywood's original
Mayflower Paintings

print of Mike Haywood's A Proseprous Wind for sale

A Prosperous Wind

which portrays the start of the voyage, as described by William Bradford

This painting by Mike Haywood is filled with hope, as portrayed by the filled and billowing sails... light caps - seahorses - on the tops of the waves promise a speedy but safe journey... all the portents are good......

Signed limited edition lithographic prints on card from the original painting by Mike Haywood are available. email me, Mark, if you're interested... ($90 each - includes delivery to USA)

print of Mike Haywood's Mayflower at anchor at dawn on 11 Nov 1620, Provincetown

Dawn of the 11th Nov 1690, Mayflower at anchor off Provincetown

Signed limited edition giclee prints on canvas from the original painting by Mike Haywood are available. email me, Mark, if you're interested... ($240 each - includes delivery to USA)

This is Mike Haywoood's latest painting of the Mayflower at dawn on the 11th November 1620, as she is about to anchor for the first time after her arduous voyage in what is now called Provincetown harbor. All is peace and calm after the trials of the voyage. The symbolism of the new dawn, giving fresh hope to the exhausted passengers and crew is clear. The reflected path of the sunlight falls upon the longboat, which is just about to be launched for the first exploratory trip to the nearby land. Caleb Johnson is writing a new book and he is using this picture for the front cover.

print of Mike Haywood's painting of the Pilgrim Fathers' first landing 13 Nov 1620

The Pilgrim Fathers' first landing 13 Nov 1620

Signed limited edition giclee prints on canvas from the original painting by Mike Haywood are available. email me, Mark, if you're interested... ($240 each - includes delivery to USA)

Mike Haywood wanted to capture a joyous moment when a group of Mayflower passengers first sets foot on land after having spent so many weeks cooped up on board a pitching ship; the moment when American soil was touched for the first time. his picture is not of the landing at Plimoth (which occurred about a month later).

Mike relies on Caleb Johnson to provide him with the historical facts. He tells Mike that the Mayflower anchored off what is now called Provincetown at dawn on the 11th November.

Caleb continues........... ...........

They took a quick jaunt ashore on November 11 (“15 or 16 men, well armed”) mostly to gather juniper to be burned (to purify the air on the ship). On November 13, they hauled their shallop ashore (which was in several pieces) so it could be fixed up and re-assembled. The carpenter made “slow work of it” (more than two weeks, actually) and so the men set out on their first expedition by foot “well armed … with every man his musket, sword and corslet” and led by Myles Standish. That same day they also brought many others ashore simply to “refresh themselves”, and even the women and teenage girls came ashore to do laundry: The Mayflower’s captain and some of the crew and a dog were also apparently ashore, as the explorers accidentally mistook two men and their dog for being the captain and some of his men … but as they got closer they realized they were Indians, who then took off into the forest whistling the dog after them.

The Mayflower is known to have had an English mastiff and an English spaniel onboard...

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