The Pilgrim fathers, their families and the ties that bind them. Page updated 20th May 2015

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The Pilgrim Fathers


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The pilgrim fathers passenger list and geneology

Welcome to the section about the Pilgrim Fathers. You'll find out about the people who were the Pilgrim Fathers and their families. You'll also find some genealogy details and links so you can find out if you were related to them.

A surprising number of people can follow their family history back to a Pilgrim Father and the Mayflower. Perhaps you are one of them?

Mayflower Pilgrim Fathers - Signing of the Compact WallclocksMayflower Pilgrim Fathers - Signing of the Compact Wallclocks
Mayflower Pilgrim Fathers - Signing of the Compact Hand TowelMayflower Pilgrim Fathers - Signing of the Compact Hand Towel
Mayflower Ship - Elizabethan Garden Stone Carving PillowsMayflower Ship - Elizabethan Garden Stone Carving Pillows

If you really want to live the Mayflower experience, there is a book, the Diary of Remember Patience Whipple. It's a diary written by a fictional character set in the real history of the Mayflower. If you prefer fact rather than fiction, this true narrative recounts the lives and adventures of the people who made the voyage: The Voyage That Changed the World: The "Mayflower" and the United States of America

Or there is the definitive book by Rev. Dr Harold Kirk-Smith William Brewster - the Father of New England: The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers

Or if you're more interested in the religous history behind the Pilgrim Fathers, the following book from Amazon will prove useful The Mayflower Pilgrims: Roots of Puritan, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Baptist Heritage

If you are interested in the modern-day Barbican and Hoe you can see a Photo Tour from Salt Quay all the way round to West Hoe.

See Duane Cline's study guide for more details on The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony.


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